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Using the Element webclient#

Start here:

Start page of Element Webclient with login button

Registration is necessary, the service can be used by clicking on "Create Account" on the homepage

After the Registration you need to confirm your account. Check your mail Inbox.

Now you can Login to your webclient.

Login window with request to enter Username and Password

The drop-down menu "Log in with:" should be left at "Username". Then the following entries must be made:


Enter here your username from starting with a @ sign followed by your username and the text For the user isabell it should like


Analogous to e-mail addresses, this results in matrix addresses with the following structure:


If you want to start immediately with a Matrix Client instead of the above mentioned website (Element Web-App hosted on, it is important to change the homeserver from the usually default to (shown in the following three screenshots)

Change login page with focus on the homeserver Button

  1. click on change Input field to change the homeserver with the input
  2. mark the preset homeserver address and remove it
  3. entry of the matrix homeserver address of

Browser settings#

Browser selection#

Recommended are the browsers Firefox, Chromium, newer versions of MS Edge (based on Chromium). Older or unsuitable browsers may only show a white page.


Many people use script blockers to protect themselves from Tracking and malware in the browser, for example with the addon NoScript. Here you have to make the following settings (for the integration manager, e.g. Jitsi/Etherpad)

Browser plugin settings NoScript with selected as trusted script sources


Do you also allow cookies from