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Matrix is a free and open, secure, decentralized protocol for real-time communication, also known by the name of one of its clients, Element.

basic information about our Homeserver instance:

server admin:
abuse management:

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In recent years, the need for supporting digital tools for team collaboration has increased. A central tool is a team chat. According to Wikipedia, a chat refers to "electronic communication by means of written text in real time, usually via the Internet" (Source). With a messenger team members can make each other aware of current information and especially share links (hyperlinks / links) for further collaboration (e.g. for finding appointments, collaborative writing, planning events, editing data, code, mind maps,).


Questions and Contact#

The ideal is to deal with problems in a transparent way, from which all others can learn. This can be done by describing the situation in the ENVS main room - here problems and solutions can be discussed together:

We have also two autojoin room's on our instance:



For some anomalies you can try to empty the cache and reload everything:
Settings > Help & About > Clear Cache and reload


Current maintenance is announced in the matrix room (unfederated) and

The file upload limit on the Homeserver is: 100mb