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all our bots are from Maunium's maubot.

feel free to use our bot's in your room!


Audio Preventer | RSS Bot | Reminder | sed Bot | Poll Bot | Karma Bot | Github Bot | Weather Bot | Translator | version checker | urbandictionary Bot | Wolfram Alpha Bot | Factorial Bot | Dice Bot | XKCD | CommitStrip | Cat Disruptor | echobot [envs] | media Bot | fetch Image Bot | youtube Preview Bot


there is also which includes all bots.
you can try all the bots in


you can also add all the bot's via the envs integration Manager names Dimension. opened integration manager menu

Audio Preventer#


A Bot to prevent voice or audio messages to be sent into a room.

Note: Bot account requires redact, kick and ban permissions.

The Audio Preventer is instructed to auto redact those, warn you 3 times as text, then kick you 5 times and then ban you. The counter are per user and across all rooms the bot is in. If you reach the ban level it will ban you on a new voice or audio message also in the other rooms the Audio Preventer is active in.

RSS Bot#


A Bot that posts RSS feed updates to Matrix.

Usage: !rss <subcommand> [...]

  • subscribe <feed URL> - Subscribe this room to a feed.
  • unsubscribe <feed ID> - Unsubscribe this room from a feed.
  • template <feed ID> <new template> - Change the notification template for a subscription in this room
  • notice <feed ID> [true/false] - Set whether or not the bot should send updates as m.notice
  • subscriptions - List the subscriptions in the current room.


A Bot to remind you about things.


Usage: !remind <date> [message] OR !remind <subcommand> [...]

Subcommands: reschedule, help, list, locales, locale, timezone

<date> can be a time delta (e.g. 2 days 1.5 hours or friday at 15:00) or an absolute date (e.g. 2020-03-27 15:00).

To set the timezone for date parsing and output for your messages, use !remind tz <timezone>. It's recommended to use a TZ database name, but anything supported by Pytz will work.

Similarly, you can set the locale for date parsing with !remind locale <list of locales>. If you provide multiple locales, each one will be tried for parsing your input until one matches. Unlike the timezone, the locale only affects input, not output. You can view available locales using !remind locales. You can also contribute new locales by making a pull request (see, content warning: long regexes).

To list your upcoming reminders, use !remind list

sed Bot#

A Bot to do sed-like replacements.



this is a wrong txt.

Usage: s/txt/text/g

sed output:

this is a wrong text.

Poll Bot#

A Bot that creates a poll in a room and allows users to vote.


Usage: !poll <subcommand> [...]

  • new <poll_setup> - Creates a new poll with "Question" "choice" "choice" "choice" ...
  • results - Prints out the current results of the poll
  • close - Ends the poll


!poll new "Question" "Choice1" "Choice2" "Choice3" - Creates a new poll with given (at least 1) choices

The user can now also create polls with line-breaks:

!poll new What is my question?

!poll results - Displays the results from the poll

!poll close - Ends the poll

Users vote by adding the matching emoji to the poll (i.e. if the first choice has a ๐Ÿ‘ then in order to pick that choice the user has to react with ๐Ÿ‘)

Karma Bot#

A Bot that tracks the karma of users.


Usage: !karma <subcommand> [...]

  • up <Event ID> - Upvote an event
  • down <Event ID> - Downvote a message
  • stats - View global karma statistics
  • view [user ID] - View your or another users karma
  • export - Export the data of your karma
  • breakdown - View your karma breakdown
  • top - View the highest rated users
  • bottom - View the lowest rated users
  • best - View the highest rated messages
  • worst - View the lowest rated messages

Github Bot#

A GitHub client and webhook receiver for maubot.


Usage: !github <subcommand> [...]

  • login [flags] - Log into GitHub.
  • ping - Check your login status.
  • raw <query> - Make a raw GraphQL query.
  • create [owner/repo] <title and body> - Create an issue. Title on first line, body on other lines
  • webhook <subcommand> [...] - Manage webhooks.

1. Use !github login to log in.

After inviting your bot / client to a matrix channel, use the !gh or !github command to use the github instance.

Using gh login first is mandatory and needed once per instance.

The bot will reply with a link leading to your personal Github's allowed OAuth apps page, where you shall grant the necessary rights to the bot OAuth app.

By default, the bot will request access to all public repos and to add webhooks. You can control the permissions it wants with some flags:

  • --no-repo makes it not ask for repo access at all. Only !github webhook add will work, other commands like !github create will not.
  • --no-hook makes it not ask for webhook access. !github webhook add will not work.
  • --private makes it ask for private repo access. Necessary if you want to use the bot to manage private repos.

2. Use !github webhook add <owner>/<repo> to add webhooks.

This will let you see in the current channel all the commits, comments, issues, stars, forks, pull requests, and so on, for that given repository.

You must have admin rights on the repositories you want to track, as adding webhooks to a repository requires manager access rights to a project.

Once you create a webhook and track a repository, it will be tracked only in the room from which you are in.

Weather Bot#

A Bot that gets the weather from and returns the text to the chat.



  • !weather - Reply with the weather based on the default config value (Germany, Berlin)
  • !weather <location> - Reply with the location for the specified <location> where <location> can be an airport code, or a city
  • !moon - Display lunar phase information


A Bot to translate words using Google Translate. (DeepL is planned too)


Usage: !translate <language> [text]

After inviting the bot to your room, simply use the !translate command:

!translate en ru Hello world.

which results in


!translate en ru Hello world.

ะŸั€ะธะฒะตั‚, ะผะธั€.

You can also use the alias tr:

!tr en ru Hello world.

The first parameter (source language) can be set to auto or omitted entirely to let Google Translate detect the source language. Additionally, you can reply to a message with !tr <from> <to> (no text) to translate the message you replied to.

supported languages:

  • de: (german)
  • en: (english)
  • zh: (chinese)
  • ...

Full list of supported languages:

version checker#

A Bot to check the version of servers in rooms.



  • !servers - Test all servers in room and report aggregated tests.
  • !servers retest <name> - Re-test a server and update the previous results.
  • !servers match <software> [operator] <version> - Show all servers with the given software and version. Operator can be >, <, >=, <=, !=, = or empty.
  • !server test <name> - Test one server, independently of any previous whole-room tests.
  • !server, !version and !versions are aliases for !servers, recheck is an alias for retest.

urbandictionary Bot#

A Bot to fetch definitions from Urban Dictionary. Returns a specified or random entry.


Usage: !ud [term] [index]


!ud foo
!ud foo 2

Wolfram Alpha Bot#

a Bot to search on Wolfram Alpha.


Usage: !wolfram some search term

Factorial Bot#

A Bot that calculates expected and unexpected factorials in messages.



Simply type a number followed by one or more exclamation marks. Note that multiple exclamation marks means a double factorial, not a factorial applied twice.


1! 2! 3!

1! = 1
2! = 2
3! = 6

over 9000!

9000! โ‰ˆ 8.09958 ร— 1031681

Dice Bot#

A Bot that rolls dice. Has built-in calculator.



The base command is !roll. To roll dice, pass XdY as an argument, where X is the number of dice (optional) and Y is the number of sides in each dice. Most Python math and bitwise operators and basic math module functions are also supported, which means you can roll different kinds of dice and combine the results however you like.


A Bot to fetch xkcd comics and to get notifications about new comics.


Usage: !xkcd [number] OR !xkcd <subcommand> [...]

Subcommands: reindex, lucky, search, subscribe, unsubscribe


A Bot to fetch CommitStrips and to get notifications about new comics.


Usage: !commitstrip OR !commitstrip <subcommand> [...]

Subcommands: search, subscribe, unsubscribe

Cat Disruptor#

A Bot plugin that disrupts monologues cat pictures and react to some messages.


You can use it 3 times per day with ๐Ÿˆ๏ธ (:cat2:).

echobot [envs]#

A simple Bot that echoes pings and other stuff.



  • !ping - Reply with "Pong!" and the time it took for the message to reach the bot.
  • !echo <message> - Reply with the given message

Media Bot#

A simple Bot that posts MXC URIs of uploaded images.


fetch Image Bot#

A Bot to fetch an image from an URL.


Usage: !fetch-image

youtube Preview Bot#


A simple Bot that responds to a YouTube link with the video title and thumbnail.