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Abuse Management#

our matrix instance has a moderation tool mjolnir.


you are welcome to join to report people for inappropriate behavior.

to protect your own room from known spammers and evil accounts:

  • invite and give the user admin Permissions.


    if you do not want to give admin rights then you need to change the room permission Change Server ACL to Moderator. With this setting, only needs moderator permissions.

  • the abuse moderators then receive the invitation and needs to confirm it.

after this step, the room is protected.

additional enabled Protections#

  • MessageIsVoiceProtection - If a user posts a voice message, that message will be redacted. No bans are issued.

Access Control List's (ACL) (ban lists)#

These lists contain the entries about banned users and servers.

our local list:

lists that we watch#

These bans we trust and taken over by our local mjolnir.

ignore people (element feature_mjolnir)#

you can also subscribe to our banlist to ignore the banned users even in unprotected rooms.

.. to do this, you need to allow the showLabsSettings feature in your element config (see sample config) and then activate in settings -> labs -> Try out new ways to ignore people.

in the last step you need to subscribe our banlist: under settings -> ignored users.

Screenshot of ignored people feature

official banlists#